Welcome to the Body Recovery Clinic

Body Recovery Clinic has a standard of excellence in the treatment of soft tissue injury, muscular or skeletal dysfunction and pain centered on myofascial trigger points. Our clientel comes from all over Wexford and surrounding areas.

Based on the practice of neuromuscular and physical therapy,the treatment consists of non invasive soft tissue manipulation of pain or injuries to address the ongoing task of preventing and limiting injuries in the future. I can provide muscular pain relief, treatment for injuries both new and pre existing,relief from tendon, ligament and joint dysfunction , foot orthotics to relieve pain in the lower back caused by incorrect bio mechanics in the feet. If you just want a massage to stay in tip top condition I offer sports massage, swedish massage and hot stone massage all which offer therapeutic benefits to optimise your health. For sporting organisations  pre and post event massage is a must to ensure individuals are at their best during their performance.

Our appointments are flexible to suit your lifestyle and rates are extremely good value for money. Discount rates apply to team or sporting clubs.

Patients with health care from Aviva or leya can claim back up to 50% of treatment cost based on indivudial policy details.

For more information or to make a booking call us on 087 410 8858